Business Advisor Bootcamp

Business Advisor Bootcamp is an exclusive MBA-style training event to help professional service providers become better, broader, and best-in-class business advisors. It is offered as a 4-hour training workshop to the public as well as privately to individual organizations.

The exclusive Business Advisor Bootcamp is an executive MBA-style 4-hour intensive training that equips professional service providers to become better, broader, and best-in-class business advisors to their clients.
Professional service providers (CPAs, bankers, attorneys, financial & exit planners, M&A planners, etc.) who want to become better, broader, and best-in-class business advisors to their clients.
To equip the participant to become a better, broader, and best-in-class business advisor to their clients, and to help them “talk the talk” and “walk the walk.”
The Business Advisor Bootcamp teaches time-tested and transformative business advisory methodologies and strategies combined with innovative ideas and insights in 8 core value growth areas. Refer to the below agenda for further details.
The Business Advisor Bootcamp is offered in two formats: 1) a hybrid conference offered to the public (virtual or in-person), and 2) private bootcamp training offered to individual organizations and groups (virtual or in-person).
The next public Business Advisor Bootcamp training is being planned. Please stay tuned. [NOTE: If you are interested in “private bootcamp” training for your organization or group, please contact us to schedule.]

Business Advisor Bootcamp Training

  • Introduction
  • Grow SALES (& Marketing)
  • Grow PROFITS (Reduce/Optimize Costs)
  • Grow LEAN (Process Improvement)
  • Grow STRATEGY (& Execution)
  • Grow DIGITAL (& Innovation)
  • Grow QUICK WINS (Low-Hanging Fruit)
  • Conclusion

Our Process:

We have a proprietary and proven training process that we call “The Grow EBITDA Process™.”  The training process includes timeless value-growth strategies and methodologies combined with innovative ideas and insights. The training teaches and provides the participant with real-world tips, techniques, and templates so they can easily apply the value-added teachings.  Our signature and highly exclusive training course, “Business Advisor Bootcamp equips the participant with 100+ value creation ideas and strategies covering the following 8 core value growth areas: Advisor Mindset, Advisor Skillset, Sales, Profits, Lean, Strategy, Digital, and Quick Wins. Finally, the process ends with each participant identifying and committing to three initial value creation ideas to begin implementing upon their return to their companies. The three ideas will be documented in the participant’s “My Business Advisor Playbook™” tool.

Our Content:

Our unique content synergistically integrates tools, techniques, best practices, principles, and strategies used by top consulting firms, taught by top-selling business books, employed by continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, and applied by our instructors within the business world.

Our Trainers:

Our instructors include a mix of best-in-class management, business, & value-growth consultants; business owners; rainmakers; investment bankers; and executives. Their unique qualifications include: Certified Value Growth Advisors; Certified Lean Six Sigma Consultants; Certified Valuation Analysts; Certified M&A Professionals and Business Brokers; Digital & Business Transformation Consultants; Strategy Consultants; extensive Investment Banking & Private Equity experience; and even reformed CPAs and attorneys.

The Business Advisor Pyramid


We developed The Business Advisor Pyramid and utilize it as a core framework within our game-changing and proprietary training curriculum.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
– Benjamin Franklin

Chateau Elan Winery & Resort located in Greater Atlanta (Public Event Location)